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Please Check Our Events Calendar For All Club & Board Meeting Dates and Times.Adirondack H.O.G. Events Calendar

Adirondack Harley Owners Group
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Here's a partial list of members and e-mail addresses:
George & Carol Polunci Jerry & Debbie Harrington George & Nancy Braynack
Ray Stratton Jack Bellow Bill & Sandy West
Dave Baird Gary Bates Art & Donna Persons
Bob Brown Tim & Fran Donbeck Kevin & Kathy Becker
Angus & Sally Stevely Paul Sicko Joseph Jazwinski
Penny John Hartwell Bill Nestuk
Dick Murray Ben Nickleson Stephen Sharan
Mark Wilson Dave Schies Marylou Nickleson
Lou Hall, Sr. Bill & Nancy Novotony Alan Baird
Fred and Karen Kippert Carole Phillips Jeff Henk
Fred Sambrook Edna Sambrook Ron & Gloria French
Joanie Dowling John Wells Nora Mongan
Nadine Szewczyk Doug Jones Chuck Maffetore
N. Morris Robby G. M. Brown
Mark Stipano  Lisa Marie Pritchard Val and Tom Dussault
Jamie Erickson Frank Erickson Tim French
Angela Kenny    

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